Old Salt the ship


The Old Salt is seaworthy and above all proved and tested seaworthy. It was built in Hobart / Tasmania / Australia more than 45 years ago. Due to its design, it runs quietly even in long Pacific waves. It is made of steel and not plastic and thus defies smaller or larger encounters with flotsam on the oceans. The Old Salt can comfortably accommodate a crew of 6 people.

Type Australian ketch
Place of Production Hobart, Tasmania
Designer A. A. Parker & E. J. Muir
Manufacturer Page Hobart
Year of construction 1970
Hull Steel
Ship keel form long keel
Rigged Ketch
Weight empty 59,0 tons
Ballast 14,5 tons
Total Weight 73,5 tons
Drive MWM Deutz V8 Biturbo 12Liter 400PS
Sail area total 220 qm
Hull speed 9,7 knots
Width 5,48 m
Length Waterline 17,35 m
Length over all 19,85 m
Draft 2,5 m
Berths 9-12
Cabins (before renovation) 2
Cabins (after renovation) 3-4
Homeport Hamburg


The Old-Salt is a two-master from Australian shipbuilding from 1970. The previous owners have mastered several circumnavigations with this ship and thus realized their dreams. The last, in turn, has used it, among other things, for repeated drug smuggling, which was his fate.

17.08.2007 Foreign drug gang detained

Source: Abendblatt.de

Helgoland: Foreign drug gang arrested

42 packages with 1.6 tons of hash in the double bottom
17.08.2007, 00:00 o'clock Arne Kolarczyk, Manfred Augener

The smugglers apparently brought narcotic drugs to the Netherlands on a large scale.

Helgoland. For several days, the sailing ship "Old Salt" left in the southern port of Helgoland. The rumor mill simmer on Germany's only offshore island. Drug smugglers are alleged to have been on board the yacht sailing under the Australian flag. And from tons of drug that was confiscated, is the speech.

"Customs officers arrested three people on board the ship on 3 August", confirmed yesterday Wolfgang Schmitz, spokesman for the Zollkriminalamt Cologne, a Abendblatt report from yesterday. Against the men - a Dutchman (73) and two Kenyans - international arrest warrants had existed, her ship was tendered for search.

The trio is apparently part of a gang that wanted to smuggle hashish in the Netherlands on a large scale. Already on the 26th of July the sailing boat "Elianne" between the Wadden islands Vlieland and Terschelling had been stopped by the Dutch customs about five o'clock in the morning.

The ship was conspicuous, because despite wind force 8 it was still at sea with engine power. Under a double floor in a cabin, the customs officers discovered 42 packages of hashish. The 1.6 tons of intoxicants have a black market value of nine million (9,000,000, -) euros. Four crew members, three men and one woman between the ages of 26 and 46, were arrested. The investigation showed that the drugs were first transported by the "Old Salt" and then transhipped somewhere at sea. The ship was apparently on the way from the island of Madeira to Oslo, on Heligoland fuel and provisions should be included. But there the customs officers hit the island. The three men were arrested without resistance.

"We assume that the persons will be delivered to the Netherlands", Schmitz continues. Also on board seized technical equipment and documents would be passed on to the local investigators. " ccording to our findings, no German citizens were involved, and the goods were not intended for Germany" said the customs spokesman. According to him, the ship was confiscated by the authorities, it could possibly be auctioned off after the investigation. Until then, the "Old Salt" is still in the Heligoland south port.

30.03.2011 "Old Salt" leaves Heligoland harbor

Source: Insel-Helgoland.de 30.03.2011

Smuggleryacht "Old Salt" leaves the port of Heligoland

Since the summer of 2007, the steel yacht "Old Salt" has blocked a mooring in the Helgoland south harbor. The ship and the crew were stopped in August 2007 by German customs and towed to the port of Heligoland. The crew was tendered by Interpol for the search and the yacht is said to have previously been delivered 1.6 tons of narcotic drugs in a mainland port. The three-man crew was then arrested and taken to the mainland. Since that time, the yacht was in the port of Heligoland and has caused significant mooring and repair costs. In the last week there was a buyer for the ship and today a salvage tug of the shipping company "Taucher Wulf" towed the yacht to the mainland.

The rubber sow

The dinghy, the rubber sow, which has now been on deck for about 6 years, was brought to Heiko in the garden shortly before winter 2011. We thought the thing was a single hole, and we thought about filling the hoses with either PU foam or a substance from rehab technology.

In the summer of 2012, we pumped up the rubber sow for the first time and found that the sow has a name: Saline the tender of old salt with registration number.

And the saline has only 3 small holes and the fenders have come off the back of the aluminum mirror. We patched two of the holes with the idea of ​​truck tarpaulin and glue that we found aboard. We will glue the fenders in the next few days.
After the first cleansing the thing looks pretty good again, well it will not be a beauty but hopefully it will serve you well.

Only we do not have a proper outboard engine except 4-5 hp engines, which are probably very ridiculous at a the rubber sow of 3.5m.

Since we currently have summer holidays and you can bid good things on eBay during the holidays, hardly a competitor offer (Caution, sell nothing in the summer holidays), I bought a Yamaha outboard for € 350 with 25 hp and I'm curious how a whistle like the sow goes off. If he was finally here and the Fender mended.

The auctioned engine is only to be delivered to pickup in Holland, 539 km one way. I actually wanted to drive off in 2 days, when the seller said that a friend would be going to Hamburg in the next few days, I suggested € 70 for the transport. Hopefully it will work...

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24.08.2014 - Kirsche
Hallo Kai und Heiko!
Ein Törn mit euch auf der Elbe kann ich jedem empfehlen. Ihr seid eine Crew mit guter Stimmung an Bord. Weiter so.

17.08.2014 - Sabine
Wir waren in einer grossen Gruppe am 02.08.14 bei den Criuse Days mit euch unterwegs. Tolles Schiff , nette Crew! Immer wieder gerne !
Liebe Grüsse Sabine

11.08.2014 - Gonda + Michael
Danke für einen tollen Segeltörn anlässlich der Hansesail vom Rostocker Stadthafen bis Warnemünde und zurück. Die 3 Stunden haben viel Spaß gemacht und die vielen Eindrücke zwischen großen und kleinen Segelschiffen waren beeindruckend.
Der Sonnenuntergang auf der Ostsee zwischen den vielen Schiffsmasten war unheimlich schön.
Und wir wurden sehr gut bewirtet mit Getränken und Hot Dogs!!!

10.08.2014 - Anja und Christoph
Hallo, also wir wollten uns nochmal ganz herzlich für die schönen 3 Std bei der Hasesail 2014 bedanken. Obwohl wir erst gezögert haben, können wir nur jedem empfehlen mit euch mit zu fahren. Es war wirklich ein Traum von 3 Std auf dem Wasser bei untergehender Sonne. Vielen Dank.Mit großer Vorfreude auf 2015.

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